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SP Borovikova Nadezhda Leopoldovna

Organization: SP Borovikova Nadezhda Leopoldovna
Brand: BOR.N
TIN: 781907001664

About the company: The brand “BOR.N” has two meanings at once. First of all its part is the founder`s surname and name: Nadezhda BORovikova. Another meaning comes from the translation of the corresponding English word - “born”. This is how Nadezhda defines her creative process. This is the birth, making dreams come true and bringing fantasies in real life.

The BOR.N jewelery is made on its own, the author never makes sketches. She just helps them to appear exactly the way they want it to. This is an unusual combination of silver and stones. Each jewelery is vivid, created with great love and warmth. Try it and feel the one that was born just for you.

Contacts: St. Petersburg
Tel.: +7 (911) 122 48 43

Products: Handmade Jewelery