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Tecleor ltd.

Organization: Tecleor ltd.
Brand Name: Tecleor
TIN: 5008061163

About the company: Tecleor LLC is interested in the construction of a Collective Use Center in the form of a joint venture focused on the antimicrobial processing of raw materials of plant and animal origin used in agriculture, food production, cosmetics and medicines, medical products.

Export activity: since 2013
Trade geography: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, India, China, the Middle East, Iran

Contacts: Manager / Co-founder of Tecleor ltd. / CEO Tecleor ltd. Budnik Sergey Vasilievich
Tel.: + 7 916 840 48 21
Skype: tecleor

Products/services: Accelerated electron beam processing. The non-chemical process of providing phytosanitary treatment, reducing microbial load and eliminating pathogenic microorganisms