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SP Zoricheva Olga Alexandrovna

Company: SP Zoricheva Olga Alexandrovna
Brand: Juvelia
TIN: 780105891202

About the company: The history of JUVELIA has begun at the moment when its founders realized that it is possible to open the way to faith to others by transferring the power of Orthodoxy through its genuine beauty. In 2007, our first collection was created - a collection of Orthodox rings with enamel. All the rings of the collection are filled with spiritual meaning - prayers laid on the inside of the rings. This collection is the first, but very confident steps to recreate the traditions of enamel art, and it is rightfully recognized as the best of the created Orthodox collections in the technique of chiseled and cloisonne enamel. With the advent of the first Orthodox products created by our masters, JUVELIA does everything to associate her name with spirituality, morality, knowledge and reverence for all Orthodox traditions. JUVELIA today is a special style. Our collections can always be distinguished by grace and high quality performance. Each product of our Orthodox collection carries a deep meaning and has high artistic value.

Export activity: since 2020
Contact info: 198096, St. Petersburg, Trukharnye ostrova rd., 8A, Putilovsky center, 2nd fl.
Tel.: +7 (812) 596-3455, 596-3521, +7 (906) 228-54-27

Trade geography: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine