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Research & Development Enterprise Rosmorservis ltd.

Organization: Research & Development Enterprise Rosmorservis ltd.
Brand: Research & Development Enterprise Rosmorservis
TIN: 7826058053

About the company: Since from 2000 R&D Enterprise Rosmorservis, LLC performs works for technical assistance, repair based on the technical condition, lifetime parameters extension, recovery and servicing of electrotechnical, mechanical, hydraulic equipment of vessels and shops.
The Enterprise develops and produces small-sized low-profile broad-band receiving antennas, magnetic and combined type, with HF-VLF range.

Export activity: since 2019
Trade geography: Vietnam, India

Contact info: 196084, Saint Petersburg, Tsvetochnaya str., 7
Tel.: +7 (812) 388-73-31

• “Funktsiya–KV-K”, 8529103100
• “Funktsiya–KV”, 8529103100
• “Funktsiya–SDV-K”, 8529103100
• “Funktsiya–SDV”, 8529103100
The small-sized low-profile broad-band receiving antennas, magnetic and combined type, with HF-VLF range, called “Funktsiya” with modifications can be used for equipment of submarines, surface vessels, onshore fixed and mobile communication centers (units), for equipment of various communication systems, radio-electronic warfare and intelligence systems with higher electrical characteristics, weight and overall dimensions, and performance data compared to the existing serial antennas of similar type, for ensuring high quality and reliable radio communication in LF-MF-HF ranges.
The product is intended to be used for radio communication and direction finding, ensures an opportunity for operation under conditions of complex electromagnetic environment, and is designed for installation at communication facilities instead of whip and hinged wire receiving antennas. Compared to the existing specimens, the product allows for improving the reception of signals under complex jamming environment conditions of a mobile facility in case of close arrangement of receiving antennas from the transmitting antennas (up to 10 m at radio transmitter power of 1 kW), and for using radio receiving devices of the 4th generation.
The Enterprise has experience of development, production and installation of TFS for Training Centers of the Russian Navy and Training Centers of foreign customers.