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Sendika group ltd.

Company: Sendika group ltd. 
TIN: 7839442281

About the company: TONUS-CLUB - Ladies only health clubs (150 clubs) and exercise machines manufacture since 2002. We supply machines to wellness clubs, spa, dietitian's offices, fitness clubs, restorative medicine, senior business, care providers and homes. We produce toning tables, roller massagers, vacuum exercise machines etc. CE certificates are availible! The best quality for resonable price!

Export activities: since 2010
Trade geography: Cyprus, USA, Spain, Israel, Belarus, Qazaqstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iraq, Germany

Tel.:. +7963-345-94-13

toning tables (set of 6-8 units) -9506911000
roller massagers 9506911000
vacuum exercise machines - 9506911000
balance platform - 9506919000

Toning tables are a set of exercise machines operating according to the principle of repeated movements of a moving part of a table, which activates muscles of different parts of the body. A static part of a table is used as a support.

The roller-type machine from TONUS-CLUB® combines the effects of lymphatic drainage, relaxation and painless anti-cellulite massage. Exercise machine BEAUTYROLL is used to work out the muscles of the legs, arms, abdomen, back, sides, hips and buttocks. Massage of each part of the body occurs due to rotating rollers made of beechwood.

The Vacuum exercise machine is a cardio machine (a treadmill or an elliptic) integrated into a tight capsule where reduced pressure is created. Due to the reduced pressure the lymphatic system is activated and the fat burning process in the body accelerates by 400%. At the same time, there is no need in intensified training, as quite the opposite, the load should be moderate.

The balance platformwill enable you to improve coordination, work out deep and inaccessible muscle groups and strengthen the core muscles.
By controlling the rotational movements of the platform and taking various positions, you work out stabilizer muscles that are almost not tasked during training on other fitness machines. This exercise machine improves the balance, body stabilization and movement coordination skills.