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JSC Robbo

Company: JSC ROBBO
Brand: ROBBO
TIN: 7840360259

About the company: international company ROBBO is a free educational robotics based on open software and hardware for teaching children from 5 years of age the basics of robotics, engineering and programming. ASI leadership project. The resident of SKOLKOVO. A Resident Of Technopark Of St. Petersburg. ROBO presents two products on the world market of EdTech projects: "ROBBO Class "and"ROBBO Club". We conduct our own innovative development of educational equipment and teaching materials for online and offline training. ROBBO has already trained more than 50,000 children in schools and clubs in 18 countries.

Export activity: since 2017
Trade geography: Finland, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Romania, Qazaqstan, Belarus, Vietnam, the USA, Spain, the UK, China, India, Nigeria, Ukraine, Israel.

Contact info: 197022, St. Petersburg, Karpovky river emb., 5/G
Tel.: +7 (911) 929-09-07

1. Robot kit. 9503007900 (HS)
Robot kit is a comprehensive robot construction kit with five simple magnetic-mount sensors and led light. Robot kit is designed to teach both children and adults programming and robotics. By mixing and combining sensors you can replicate any technology that surrounds you, from smartphone to refrigerator. The Robot kit combines science with unlimited amount of creativity.

2. Lab. 9503007900 (HS)
Lab is a very easy robot to enter the world of technology. This robot is not able to move on its own, however, it can definitely bring you closer to understanding such phenomena as e.g. sun light and sound. The Lab is a fun way of experimenting while combining numeric values, physics, robotics and programming.

3. ROBBO 3D printer Mini. 8443 32 100 9 (HS)
Implement any idea. The child will draw a model, and the 3D printer will turn it into a real three-dimensional object made of plastic. The printer comes with software and detailed instructions. It is already ready for use, no additional components are required.

4. Circuit Engineering. 9503007900 (HS)
ROBBO's circuitry kit is needed to teach the basics of electronics. The kit consists of various electronic components that can be easily connected to an Arduino microcontroller. Along with the kit is a guide "Building robots on Arduino" for beginners, with which you can understand the basics of circuitry and electronics yourself.