Saint Petersburg exporters online catalog

Goboimage LLC

Products: HS 90085000 image projectors, photo enlargers and equipment for image projection with reduction

1. Projector - slide (gobo) for lighting design architectural and artistic objects.
2. Projector - slide (gobo) for social advertising projection and campaign materials on the facades of buildings and structures.
3. Projector - slide (gobo) for projection lighting pedestrian crossings and road signs.
4. Projector - slide (gobo) for navigation pointers and warning signs in high-risk areas.
5. Projector - slide (gobo) for emergency light navigation in crowded places - metro,malls.
6. Search, track and navigation searchlights special purpose.

Ear of commencement of export activity: 2010

Geography of sales: deliveries to more than 80 countries of the world.

Contacts: Tel. +7 (921) 952-93-10