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Arktika SPb ltd.

Company: Arktika SPb ltd.
TIN: 7807200321

About the company: shipbuilding company ARCTIC TM (trade mark) «Arctic Bort» «Arctic Bort» — is revolutionary of small shipbuilding in Russia. It produces boats and motor boats, pontoons, rafts, floating piers from extra strong, environmentally friendly HDPE material
Since 2015 we are introducing innovations to the small-sized shipbuilding in Murmansk.
During this time, our experts have developed and introduced several new, in many respects revolutionary technologies in the field of small-sized shipbuilding from HDPE material.

When manufacturing vessels, we take into account the pressing problems of operating a small fleet.
In General, the biggest problems in small-scale shipbuilding are considered to be:
-low shell strength at low temperatures;
-constant repair of cylinders on RB models;
-the complexity of operation in harsh Northern latitudes, as well as a number of other unpleasant moments.
Arctic Bort has been successfully solving these problems for many years.
Our own design Department, well-established production process, and modern equipment allow us to build and deliver about 50 boats per year. The company, which adheres to a customer-oriented approach, creates a small-sized fleet, which is an effective tool in the commercial activities of customers and proof that modern Russian shipbuilding perfectly replaces similar imported vessels.
 Arctic Bort produces boats and special purpose boats made of HDPE for various state structures of the Russian Federation, as well as for fishing and fish-breeding enterprises, which includes vessels equipped with specialized equipment for coastal fishing, aquaculture, including pontoons, surface and submerged fish farms, technology for growing fish in fresh and sea water.
Arktika shipbuilding company meets the requirements of ISO 900:2015.
We produce boats and motor boats from HDPE in accordance with the requirements of State Inspection of Small Vessels, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Russian River Register and EU depending on our customer’s desire.

We are always open to cooperation and new partnerships.

Export activity: 2018
Trade geography: Norway, Canada,Sweden,Finland, Estonia

Contacts: St. Petersburg, Moscovsciy ave.,136/2 А, office 4А
Tel.: +7 (921) 771-65-27

Products: HS CODE 86-89, 8906 90 100 0